Maslows Lambda

    Lately, I have been using and contributing to Bref. It is a fantastic tool and allows me to write serverless functions in PHP on AWS Lambda. This is a great thing no doubt. Not only can I write Lambda functions in a language that feels really comfortable, but through Composer, I also have access to all my favorite packages.

    Bref also allows running entire Laravel and Symfony applications inside a Lambda function too and because it is built on top of Serverless framework, deployment is as simple as a single command.

    Now, how could I have any complaints against a tool that makes my life so easy? Well, I don’t actually have any complaints against Bref as such but a problem I am having is that I now see every application as a Lambda. Mainly due to how easy setup and deployment is and it has made me somewhat lazy with my sideprojects. It has become somewhat a Maslow’s Hammer.

    This post is a bit of a call to arms for me to get back to using the right deployment model for the task at hand, whether that is the decidedly untrendy EC2, ECS, Lambda or whatever else suits the project. Will I continue to use and contribute to Bref? Undoubtedly, but I will also be careful to choose the right tool for the job because when all you have is a hammer, everything begins to look like a nail.